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Artisan Bodhrans

Bodhran 14Inch -Green-Gold Bingo Knot3

 Shaw Percussion Artisan  Bodhrans  When Multi-Instrumentalist and Music Teacher Oisín Hannigan visited our store to pick up his new Shaw Percussion Bodhran we recorded this video of him trying out a couple of our Bodhrans. Oisín is a very talented…

Ocean Drums

New Ocean Drums Thumb

  We have updated our popular Ocean Drums with two new colours with matching trim.  Along with the original Aqua colour, we have added  Denim and Purple. Go here for more details and get one of these drums for yourself:…

Building a Shaw Percussion Ashiko


For many people, the process of taking wood, animal skin, rope and steel and turning it into a beautiful looking and sounding musical instrument is a bit of a mystery. This video reveals some of the tools and craftsmanship that…

Shaw Percussion Cajon

Shaw Percussion Cajon The cajón box drum is very versatile percussion instrument. Believed to have originated along the coastal ports in Peru in the early 1900’s by slaves from central and west Africa. The word cajon in spanish means crate,…



Shaw Percussion Ashikos   Originating in Africa, the ashiko is a wooden conical shaped drum with a thick hide designed to have a conga-like sound. Our ashikos were designed by us and crafted using Canadian hardwood and headed with a thick hide to produce…

Dundun Sticks

We are now manufacturing our own line of Dundun sticks. They are made of high quality North American Hickory to ensure durability. These Dun Dun sticks are 16 inches in length and available in 2 diameters. 5/8 & ¾ in.  …

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