Experience the Healing Power of Drumming

Whether you’re a teacher at an elementary or secondary school or you run programs at a Seniors Centre, retirement residence or community centre, we’re ready to show you the power of drumming.

We have the largest selection of rental djembes in the GTA and we make sure that everyone who wants to be involved… is involved. With over 200 rental djembes of our own, and access to more if needed, we can get your group moving to a variety of rhythms in a way that they’ll never forget.

Drumming for Schools and Groups

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Percussion instruments are used by schools throughout the world to teach children the basics of rhythm and musicality.

Drumming is a fun and fast way to deliver the benefits of participating in a musical activity. We believe that everyone, young and old, can enjoy the beauty and experience of playing a well-crafted drum. Drumming activates primal parts of the human brain, and the rhythms can be felt throughout your entire body.

Percussion instruments, because of their simplicity, offer an accessible way for anyone to begin playing music. This makes drumming a wonderful therapeutic modality for use by those with limitations.

Click here to see some of the  schools, retirement homes, assisted living residences, municipal governments and businesses throughout the Toronto GTA and southern Ontario we have worked with. We’re ready to help you get just the right percussion package for your organization. If you’d like to organize a drumming workshop, off-site, or team-building day, let us know and we’ll customize our group-drumming curriculum to your needs.

Build a Collection of Percussion Instruments for Joy and Wellness

Drum and Percussion Package

Whether you are a school looking to create a solid percussion program customized to your needs or a community centre or retirement residence looking to create fun opportunities for health and wellness for your clients, we can help you.

We are one of the largest hand drum suppliers in Canada. Not only do we source fine percussion instruments from around the world but we also create many of them right here in our workshop in Sutton West, Ontario. Our artisan drum makers create drums and percussion instruments that sound as beautiful as they look.

We’ll work with you to ensure that you get everything you need to build a successful in-house percussion program. With a wide selection of instruments – from shakers to djembes and frame drums – we’ll ensure that everyone has an instrument that fits their personal needs.

Many studies connect drumming, and music in general, to improved health and vitality in people of all ages. We feel there is no better way to teach rhythm and musicality.

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