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I received my drum yesterday afternoon and it sounds incredible. The difference between my 16” Roosebeck and my new drum is insane. Honestly I’m having to learn certain things over again because it plays so much better. The Shaw drum has so many tonal characteristics that just weren’t present on the Roosebeck. I’m not sure what dog chew toy they used for the head on that thing but it’s nothing like the Shaw head.

Shaw Percussion 16 inch Woodgrain Bodhran customer

Justin Walker Eastpointe, MI, USA


I have been playing the green 14” bodhran for several weeks and wow, it’s a dream. I had been playing a borrowed Hedwitschak and was very used to the skin and feel. This drum feels even better and sounds amazing. It has really helped me to recommit to playing and well, I just wanted to give you all a huge pat on the back. This is a high-level, high-quality instrument. I will strive to make my playing do the craftsmanship justice. It is an absolute joy to play.

Deep thanks to all of you at Shaw Percussion.

Gerard Yun, Doctor of Musical Arts

Assistant Professor, Community Music, Faculty of Music Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario


Best sounding bodhran I’ve ever heard. This masterpiece plays like a dream. Also the craftsman is a great fella to meet. Keep up the legacy!!

Richard Ellis – Shaw Percussion Bodhran Owner, Trenton ON


The gathering drum is absolutely beautiful. Phil did an amazing job. The students and staff are in awe of its sound. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Camille Prince

Primary/Junior Teacher

Whitby Shores Public School


As a Drum Circle Facilitator, I often have large workshops of up to 200 people and I wouldn’t be able to accommodate such a large group without the assistance and support of Shaw Percussion; drum rental, drum transport, drumming assistance, drum repair – they come through for me time and time again! They are reliable, professional, highly skilled and they put so much care and integrity into their work and relations with customers and colleagues. I would highly recommend Shaw Percussion to any Drum Circle Facilitator who needs to rent drums, to anyone who needs a drum repaired, and of course to those who are ready to purchase their own drum!

Terri Segal

Rhythmic by Nature


I thought I’d never play my marimba again but after you repaired the keys and paid such close attention to my wishes, it sounds better than ever!

Thank you so much for your beautiful spirit and soul. Much much love to you all.

Waleed Abdulhamid

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist, film maker

Toronto Ontario


Thank You for allowing me to sample a number of the drums that you had, and when it came down to two or three that I liked, I appreciated how you both observed that the height of one in particular was a better fit for me. And as it happened that was the drum I felt most drawn to. It is a beautiful drum with wonderful sound, and I have been enjoying making its acquaintance in the days since with many rhythmic exchanges between it and myself!

With many sincere thanks,

Kate-Lynn Gray

Toronto Ontario


I’m a drum kit player and I had never played a cajon before but after I started playing the Shaw Percussion cajon, I never looked back. I have tried other cajons but none of them gives me the same range as the Shaw Percussion cajon.. It sounds like a drum kit. Amazing!

John Raveda

The Weafer Brothers Band

Mount Albert Ontario


Just wanted to say thanks so much for making my dununba well again.It sounds amazing especially with your custom dundun sticks! 

Stay Blessed!


Mike Slocombe

Baro Dununba

Toronto Ontario


When I wanted a re-wrap for my vintage Rogers drum kit I spoke to Phil, Graham and Wendy about doing the job. The whole team at Shaw was friendly and professional. Upon picking up the kit I was absolutely thrilled. It was clear to me that Shaw Percussion’s passion for all things drums showed in their knowledge, the absolute quality of their work and commitment to service. My kit is has been transformed both aesthetically and performance wise. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Richard J. McCoy


In 2015 I brought back a beautiful clay and fish skin dumbek back from Turkey. It was a dream drum and I loved playing it because of it’s rich, deep, warm sound. Unfortunately the skin didn’t last two winters due to the cold Canadian weather and dry indoor heater air. One day I picked it up and the skin tore down the middle. I emailed around a bunch of places in the city looking for someone to fix it for me and the general response was “we don’t have the tools to fix a drum like that”. However, I did get one positive response from Wendy and Phil from Shaw Percussion. They said they had never fixed a drum like this before, but promised they would do their best. I just picked up the drum a few days ago, now covered in durable goat skin.The sound is still rich and warm, with high teks and deep doums, and I haven’t stopped playing it since I got it. I’m truly thankful to Wendy and Phil for resurrecting my thought-to-be-gone clay drum. Aside from being absolutely pros at what they do, they’re also lovely people and I very much enjoyed working with them.

Thanks for fixing my drum!!.

Samira Hafezi

Toronto, Ontario


My Special frame drum has arrived today and OMG, I just love her. She is easy to handle and to play in the sitting position. I totally enjoy and love it’s warm sound. When this Beauty arrived, I loved the energy of the drum right away. I can feel that she has been created with such Love and Care. Please tell Phil that I so love her and thank him for me for creating her. May I share with you my Happiness and to express what a Joy that this Special Frame Drum will be my companion as I learn to Groove more and more with the Rhythms of my own Heart/Soul and with the Many World Beats of Life.

Thank you so much! Blessing to you and your family! Peace and Love!


Danie Bérubé

Moncton, New Brunswick

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