Expert Drum Repair and Service

Phil in the Workshop

Quite simply, most music stores do not have the expertise or the equipment to help you properly maintain and refurbish your drum. When you come to our shop, you’ll feel the difference that an exclusive focus on percussion makes.

Not only do we create many of the Shaw Percussion instruments right here in our shop just north of Toronto in Sutton West Ontario, but we also service all types of drums. Our customers have learned to trust our honest, expert advice about how to get the best sound from their drums.

Custom Drum Design

You can order one of our percussion instruments and be assured that it has been obtained through an ethical supply chain and provides great sound. We won’t let an instrument leave our shop that we wouldn’t play ourselves.

We are proud to be Canadian and many of our instruments are made right here in Canada. If you would like something more unique, we can also create a custom drum or percussion instrument for you.

Many of our customers have a drum dream and it is a thrill for us to work with them to turn their dream into reality. Whether it’s a custom hand drum or another percussion instrument, talk to us and let’s see what we can create together.


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Djembe Rentals

Djembe rentals-1

We have over 200 djembes available for rent, making us one of the largest hand drum rental suppliers in southern Ontario. We rent to individuals, schools, drum circles, and drum facilitators. We also offer a delivery service across the GTA.

If your group wants to experience the power and healing benefits of drumming, we can connect you with professional facilitators who will provide an unforgettable workshop. We have worked with groups that range in size from 20 to over 200 and the feedback has always been positive.

Why Is It Important to Service Your Drum?

We are passionate about your play and dedicated to the care and health of your drums and world percussion instruments. We’ve learned over the years that many drummers weren’t taught how to properly care for their drums and how much better an aged drum will sound when it is set up and refurbished by experts.


Proper set up is essential to keeping your drum sounding its best. A drum with properly cut, trued bearing edges:

  • Tunes more easily
  • Has a wider tuning range
  • Has fewer annoying overtones
  • Has improved sustain

We come by our skills honestly, we are all drummers here at Shaw Percussion. We want you to enjoy your drum for decades but we know that it won’t happen if you don’t pay attention to what your drum needs. That’s why we offer expert advice, service and repair.

Drum Repairs and Refurbishing

Hand Percussion:

  • Head replacement
  • Bearing edge repair
  • Ring replacement
  • Re-roping
  • Repairs to holes or cracks
  • Refinishing
  • Tuning

Drum Kits:

  • Cutting bearing edges
  • Drilling or filling holes
  • Cutting snare beds
  • Lug installation
  • Repairing delamination
  • Recovering

Whether you need a new drum or your old drum needs some TLC. Contact us today to get started.


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