Quality Percussion from Our Family to Yours


Whether you are new to drumming or have decades of experience, we will help you find your next drum. A drum that fits your hand and body, strengthens your mind and soothes your soul. There is something instinctive about a drum’s beat that cannot be replaced. As it stirs ancient memories, our feet begin to tap, and our bodies begin to sway. Joining with others in a drum circle is a fun, moving, and healing experience.


Drums are an essential part of teaching people about musicality. We work hard to ensure that schools and community groups have the drums and percussion they need to help kids and adults alike get in touch with their rhythm and their community. We are also one of southern Ontario’s largest suppliers of djembe rentals for public and corporate functions to ensure that everyone can participate in the community-building power of drumming.

Quality Percussion from Our Family to Yours

Shaw Percussion is proud to be a Canadian-based drum company and we deliver hand-crafted drums and percussion instruments to customers all over the world. We will work with you to ensure that you get exactly the drum you’re dreaming of. Whether you’re looking for an African djembe, an ashiko, frame drum, bodhran, or a custom snare or drum kit, we can help you. Also our custom drum creation abilities and craftsmanship are renowned.

Contact us to discuss your custom needs.

Why Choose Shaw Percussion?

Shaw Percussion is located in Sutton West, in the town of Georgina, Ontario, Canada. We are passionate about music. Every person who works at Shaw Percussion is a musician and no drum leaves our shop without first being played.

Shaw Percussion evolved from a lifelong fascination with percussion instruments. A kit drummer for more than 40 years, owner Phil Shaw began designing and building his own drums around 1998 and has continued to refine his skills while developing new products. Shaw Percussion was officially born in May of 2003 and 2 years later acquired Orion Drums from its founder, Ron Cross.

Shaw Percussion currently offers:

  • Wide variety of world percussion products
  • A unique mix of Made in Canada and imported percussion instruments
  • Custom drum design and construction
  • Repair services for hand drums and kit drums
  • Drum rentals and packages for businesses, institutions, and community groups
  • The Georgina Drum Circle for those interested in community drumming
  • Hand drum lessons and workshops

Sustainably Harvested Wood and Ethical Trade

We know that drumming impacts us on every level of our being. That’s why we’re firm in our commitment that every drum we sell will help the local economies where they originate and respect the Earth with ethical production.

Our djembes are made by expert drum artisans in West Africa. We have invested directly in their operation to ensure that your next djembe is of the highest quality and the wood for each of the musical instruments we sell is legally harvested.

By nurturing personal relationships with our suppliers, and adhering to international conventions on endangered species, we have done everything we can to ensure that our drums are ethically sourced and crafted.

Repairing and Refurbishing Your Drums

More than just drum makers we are also drum restorers. If your hand drum requires a new head, rings, rope or shell repair, or you’ve found a vintage drum kit that you have big dreams for, we have the knowledge, skills and replacement parts to bring new life to your percussion instrument. Contact us to discuss your drum repair needs.

Visit our Products page to find your next world percussion instrument, and if you need more assistance simply Contact us or give us a call, and our family will be happy to help you.

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