New Ocean Drums

We have updated our popular Ocean Drums with two new colours with matching trim .  Along with the original Aqua colour we have added  Denim and Purple.

Go here for more details and to get one of these drums for yourself :   14 Inch and 18 Inch  Ocean drums

The heads and steel shot  create a wave like sound that has to be heard to be appreciated.  Watch these  video demos to experience  our Ocean Drum’s aural and visual appeal.

The ocean drum can be used for meditation, story-telling, sound therapy and sound effects; It also can be played  like a frame drum for more unique sounds. It is a truly versatile instrument.

Our Shaw Percussion ocean drums use a solid steam-bent shell with  decorative trim, dyed goatskin head and a clear plastic head to view the shot swirl around the drum, creating it’s relaxing, meditative effect. 
Go here to view more images and a video demo of the larger 18″ Ocean drum.

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