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Ojibway Drum Awakening Workshop – Georgina Island Tour


 Georgina Island is the largest island in Lake Simcoe as well as a Native Reserve occupied by the Ojibway people. During the summer, the island is accessed by ferry. Shaw Percussion and Jake Charles of First Nations Cultural Tours

Summer Random Drumming Events


The Georgina Drum Circle regular weekly sessions are on hiatus over the summer months. But we just could not make it through the summer without getting outside and drumming with our friends. We also look forward to making new drumming

Native Style Drum Making Workshop


  There is something very special about creating an instrument yourself.  In this workshop you will have an opportunity to make a Native Style Hoop Drum with an expert drum maker.  Phil Shaw will guide you through the process of making

A Dundun Dance Story


Elisha MacMillan of Dance Medicine describes her experience with Dun Dun Dance and explains the benefits, particularly for women, who participate in this energizing form of dance. To learn more about Elisha and her Dun Dun Dance classes visit :

New Show Room

Shaw Percussion Store Interior 1

Visit our showroom and try out our large selection of percussion instruments. Just give us a call or email to make sure we will be there to show you around.