Wendy Elton (Shaw): The Heart of Shaw Percussion

Keeping the Business Moving to a Steady Beat

Wendy left her corporate job in 2010 to join her husband, Phil Shaw, full-time at Shaw Percussion. A lifelong musician, she brings her skilled ear to crafting and refurbishing fine hand drums and planning special events for the local drumming community.

Wendy Elton(Shaw) ImageWendy also handles institutional sales, and manages the
sizable import side of Shaw Percussion, and completes
other administrative tasks to keep the business running

Wendy believes that the right people will draw together
when you hold a positive vision and intention. The success
of the Georgina Drum Circle is one example of Shaw
Percussion’s vision for a better world. “People want to be
part of a community,” Wendy explains, “and Shaw
Percussion has created a unique community of
drummers who play throughout York Region and southern

In addition to playing Dununs and hand drums, Wendy is a talented musician who has played
trombone with the Georgina Brass Band since 1985 and
with a local jazz band that plays at community events. Now
working full time at Shaw Percussion, Wendy loves being able to play while she works.

When speaking to people interested in drumming Wendy advises, “Get expert advice on purchasing a drum from someone you trust and

then choose the one you really love.”  Wendy and Phil have been trusted voices in Ontario’s drum scene for over a decade and are ready

to help you find your next drum.

The African Djembe and the Shaw Quality Commitment

At their shop in Sutton, Ontario, you’ll be able to see and test a wide variety of percussion instruments including one of the most popular hand drums in the world, the African djembe. Wendy is proud of Shaw Percussion’s commitment to sustainability and their work with expert craftsmen in West Africa to ethically source their djembes.

IMG_0356_copyWendy explains, “Some of the djembes are finished
in West Africa and some are finished here in
Canada. We carry djembes for beginners, for
professionals, and for everyone in between. Whether
the drum is finished in West Africa or here in the shop,
not one drum goes to a customer until it has been
tuned and tested by us to ensure it is playing at its best.”

Whatever your drumming needs, contact Wendy and
Shaw Percussion today and we’ll get you the drum or
percussion instrument that is right for you.

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