Samira Hafezi

Thanks for fixing my drum! In 2015 I brought back a beautiful clay and fish skin dumbek back from Turkey. It was a dream drum and I loved playing it because of it’s rich, deep, warm sound. Unfortunately the skin didn’t last two winters due to the cold Canadian weather and dry indoor heater air. One day I picked it up and the skin tore down the middle. I emailed around a bunch of places in the city looking for someone to fix it for me and the general response was “we don’t have the tools to fix a drum like that”. However, I did get one positive response from Wendy and Phil from Shaw Percussion. They said they had never fixed a drum like this before, but promised they would do their best. I just picked up the drum a few days ago, now covered in durable goat skin. The sound is still rich and warm, with high teks and deep doums, and I haven’t stopped playing it since I got it. I’m truly thankful to Wendy and Phil for resurrecting my thought-to-be-gone clay drum. Aside from being absolutely pros at what they do, they’re also lovely people and I very much enjoyed working with them.