Danie Bérubé

My Special frame drum has arrived today and OMG, I just love her. She is easy to handle and to play in the sitting position. I totally enjoy and love it’s warm sound. When this Beauty arrived…

Richard Ellis

Best sounding bodhran I’ve ever heard. This masterpiece plays like a dream. Also the craftsman is a great fella to meet. Keep up the legacy!!

John Raveda

I’m a drum kit player and I had never played a cajon before but after I started playing the Shaw Percussion cajon, I never looked back. I have tried…

MLS, Mike Slocombe, Baro Dununba

Just wanted to say thanks so much for making my dununba well again. It sounds amazing especially with your custom dundun sticks! Stay Blessed

Kate-Lynn Gray

Thank You for allowing me to sample a number of the drums that you had, and when it came down to two or three that I liked, I appreciated how you both observed that the height of one, in particular,

Waleed Abdulhamid

I thought I’d never play my marimba again but after you repaired the keys and paid such close attention to my wishes, it sounds better than ever!…

Terri Segal

As a Drum Circle Facilitator, I often have large workshops of up to 200 people and I wouldn’t be able to accommodate such a large group…

Camille Prince

The gathering drum is absolutely beautiful. Phil did an amazing job. The students and staff are in awe of its sound. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Richard J. McCoy

When I wanted a re-wrap for my vintage Rogers drum kit I spoke to Phil, Graham and Wendy about doing the job. The whole team at Shaw was friendly and professional. Upon picking up the kit I was absolutely thrilled.

Samira Hafezi

Thanks for fixing my drum! In 2015 I brought back a beautiful clay and fish skin dumbek back from Turkey. It was a dream drum and I loved playing it because of it’s rich, deep, warm sound. Unfortunately the skin