Summer Random Drumming Events

The Georgina Drum Circle regular weekly sessions are on hiatus over the summer months. But we just could not make it through the summer without getting outside and drumming with our friends. We also look forward to making new drumming acquaintances. These are un-facilitated drum jams that take place in the northern part  of the York Region area. Standard drum circle etiquette applies, any questions please contact us.  It might be only a few days notice, but we will email everyone on the Random Drumming list and give a time and location . It could be poolside at Shaw Percussion, (bring your bathing suit), or drumming  at the Jacksons Point Bandshell or some other random place.  Bring your drum, percussion instruments and a chair. You need to be on the Summer Random Drumming Events list.! So make sure you get notified sign up here

Hope to drum with you this summer!

Contact us if you have any questions or  would like to participate, but are currently drum-less.

Random Drumming (5)

Random Drumming 2

Random Drumming (3)
Random Drumming - JP Bandshell

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