Egg Shakers and Maracas

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Egg Shakers are plastic or wooden egg-sized shakers filled with small ball-bearing, seeds, sand or non-toxic plastic pellets.

Holding the egg in the palm of your hand softens the sound while holding it between your index finger and thumb creates a louder, sharper sound. Kids love these little shakers and will instinctively start to play along with your rhythms.

Maracas can be made from coconut, leather, wood, plastic or dried gourds. They have a handle and are usually filled with seeds, pebbles, or other items. While they can be rolled to create a swish movement, the key is to learn to create a staccato sound so that a variety of rhythms can be played.

Maracas are generally used in pairs. While children love to play them, they can also be a sophisticated accompaniment to a rhythm band or drumming group.