Dunduns provide the heartbeat of any drumming group or drum circle. These instruments not only play the main parts of many African rhythms but they help the rest of the group keep the beat.

Made in Canada Dunduns from Shaw Percussion

Shaw Percussion dun duns are made at our shop in Sutton West, Ontario from Canadian hardwoods . Once the drums are shaped and sized they are finished in a variety of colours and fitted with a cow or buffalo hide. Our high-quality, low-stretch rope is used to hold the skins tight and help them maintain their tuning.

The 3 sizes in the dundun family are: the Kenkeni, Sangban and Dununba

The Heart of your Rhythm: The Sangban

The medium-sized member of the dundun family, the sangban, is the rhythm holder for the drum circle. It is considered by master drummer, Mamady Keïta, to be the most important drum in the dunun family because it tells the listener which one of the dozens of rhythms is being played. We also build a taller stand alone version of the sangban that is used in Dundun Dance.

The kenkeni provides a higher pitched sound and basic steady rhythm and the dununba (literally the ‘big’ dunun) accompanies the sangban and rounds out the bass sound.

Adjustable dundun stands are also available that can facilitate both vertical and horizontal playing positions.

Whether you’re ready for a new drum or your old drum needs tuning, repair or refurbishing, our skilled artisans will ensure you get the sound you want. At Shaw Percussion, we’re passionate about your play