A Drum Kit in a Box! The Versatile Cajón!

Happy Customer Comment

I’m a drum kit player and I had never played a cajon before but after I started playing the Shaw Percussion cajon, I never looked back.  I have tried other cajons but none of them gives me the same range as the Shaw Percussion cajon..  It sounds like a drum kit.  Amazing!

John Raveda
The Weafer Brothers Band
Mount Albert Ontario



The cajon has grown from its humble beginnings as a simple packing  crate to become a sophisticated instrument: a staple of many musical styles including Blues, Flamenco, Funk, Rock and World Music.
Our Cajons are crafted with the highest quality, all-birch plywood and trimmed with a  mahogany or walnut playing surface. They utilize our new three-way adjustable snare system which provides on/off, attack angle and tension adjustments. The Shaw Percussion cajons also have a rocker feature on the bottom to make extended playing more comfortable. In addition, the raised open corners (or “slaps”) on the playing surface produce a solid snare-like sound. To help you carry and protect this versatile instrument, our cajóns also include a tough woven material case with an outside zippered pocket. The Shaw Percussion Cajón is virtually a “drum kit in a box”!