African Djembes



Our djembes are hand carved for us in Ghana, West Africa by some very talented craftsmen. These carvers are fairly paid for their work and proud to share their craft and culture with others. In addition to being finely crafted musical instruments, these djembes are attractive art pieces. Each drum is unique with most featuring carvings of African scenes or Adinkra symbols.

Custom Ivory Coast Djembes finished by hand in Canada

We also offer professional-quality custom Ivory Coast djembes that we finish here at our shop in Sutton West, Ontario. The bare shells are created by African carvers, we then finish these djembes to ensure that they have true bearing edges, colourful, low-stretch kevlar rope and an attractive finish. We use multiple coats of tung oil to bring out the beauty of the wood to ensure that you have a drum that looks as beautiful as it sounds.

All of our djembes provide plenty of volume with a wide tonal range encompassing all the deep clear bass and crisp high “slaps” of the classic djembe sound.

Incidentally, all our djembes are tuned and played before leaving our shop to ensure quality and admittedly because we can’t resist the lure of playing them!


**Note: The wood used in Ghana for drums is
legally obtained and not endangered.

Ghana djembe sizes
Djembe Size Chart
*All these djembes are hand-carved so
there can be slight variations in dimensions

Djembe Type Head Size (in) Height (in) Notes
Toy 1 4 ½ to 5 7 Made exactly like a full size djembe & expertly carved. These make beautiful decorations.
Toy 2 5 ½ to  6 9 Made exactly like a full size djembe & expertly carved. These make beautiful decorations.
Mini 7 ½ to 8 17 to 18 Good for children, light & portable
Small 9  to 9 ½ 20 to 21  Suitable for older children, or facilitators, light & portable
Medium 10 ½ to 11 22 to 23 Very versatile size djembe, good for older children and adults. Produces a wider variety of sounds than small or mini
Large 12 ½ to 13 24 to 25 Suitable for adults, easier to produce the variety of sounds (bass, tone, slap) because of the larger head size