Woodgrain Bodhran 16 Inch – Black & Gold Celtic Trim


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Richard Ellis 16 ” Shaw Percussion Bodhran Owner,  Trenton ON:  Best sounding bodhran I’ve ever heard. This masterpiece plays like a dream. Also the craftsman is a great fella to meet. Keep up the legacy!!

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Made in Canada 16 Inch Tuneable Bodhran

Our 16 inch in diameter and six inch deep tuneable bodhran features a natural wood grain finish with a Black & Gold Celtic ribbon trim.  The Shaw Percussion bodhrans are constructed of a solid wood steam bent ash shell with a specially treated and taped goatskin head. The keyless tuning system allows for tuning on the fly with your fingers, no tools are required. Our standard bodhrans are built without a cross bar or arm cut-out to allow freedom of movement for the modern style of playing, but these custom options are available upon request.

A Secret Hand-Curing Process for the coveted “played in sound”

At Shaw Percussion we use a special curing process to create a supple and long-lasting goat skin drumhead for our bodhrans, which gives them that prized “played in” sound. In combination with the internal tuning system, our bodhrans will give you great versatility.

Celtic Drumming for the World Stage and Your Living Room

The Bodhrán, or Bodhráin, (pronounced bow-ron) is an Irish frame drum with roots that date back to pre-Christian Celtic societies. It is considered a frame drum, one in which drumhead width is greater than its depth.  When Irish traditional music re-emerged as a world force in the 1960s the bodhrán became a fixture on stage and has been further popularized by bands such as The Chieftains, Great Big Sea, and Kila.  The bodhran is not limited to one style of music. Modern players like Guido Pluschke, Rolf Wagles are exploring the use of bodhran in many styles of music including jazz, pop and rock.

Assembling all the parts to create a high quality Artisan Bodhran

Our Shaw Percussion bodhrans are hand made at our shop in Sutton West, Ontario, Canada. All the components, (other than the the decorative ribbon trim)  including the steam bent solid wood ash shells and tuning hardware, are designed and built in our shop.

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