One of North America’s largest native hoop drums, the qilaut (also called a chauyak or kilaut), produces a deep, rich sound.

In Inuit culture, the qilaut or Inuit Wind Drum creates the heartbeat of mother earth and is believed to have many healing powers and guide people on their paths.

At Shaw Percussion we believe that drumming is good for your mind, body and soul.

The qilaut can be played with your hand, with a light stick or a mallet. With each, you’ll experience your qilaut’s sound in a different way.

The only native hoop drum with a handle, our easily tunable 25-inch qilaut is made from sturdy steam-bent oak and covered with a goat skin drumhead. Only 3-inches deep, this surprisingly light and versatile drum is great addition to any frame drum collection.

As always, we stand behind every Shaw Percussion instrument we produce and/or sell. Whether you need a new drum or your old drum needs some TLC, we are passionate about your play. Contact us today to get started.