Native Style Drums



Connecting You with an Ancient North American Musical Tradition

Our Made in Canada Native Style Hoop Drums Create an Authentic Experience

American and Canadian Aboriginal tribes each have their own distinctive sound and drum making traditions. At Shaw Percussion our native hoop drums come in 12-18-inch frame sizes of steam-bent cedar and are produced right here in our workshop. Our frames are created from a single piece of cedar producing a richer, more authentic tone. These drums are covered in high-quality deer or elk hide. We also carry a selection of mallets for you to choose from.

Build Your Own Native Style Hoop Drum with the Shaw Percussion Kit

In aboriginal traditions, the creation of a medicine shield or other work of art, such as a drum, infuses the work with the creator’s energy. To create a bond between yourself and your drum that will last a lifetime, we suggest you build your own drum using our native style hoop drum kit.

The kit comes with a frame, skin and mallet and includes a step by step instructional DVD that will guide you easily through the drum making process. You can paint your drumhead to make it even more uniquely your own.

Drum making is an inspiring addition to retreats and courses and can take your next workshop to a whole new level. It’s also a great way to introduce kids to drumming and to give them an experience that they’ll always remember! Contact us to learn more about how Shaw Percussion works with schools and kids.