Shaw Percussion Cajon

Shaw Percussion Cajon

The cajón box drum is very versatile percussion instrument.

Believed to have originated along the coastal ports in Peru in the early 1900’s by slaves from central and west Africa. The word cajon in spanish means crate, box or drawer. From the Spanish colonial countries the cajon spread throughout the world and is used generally in acoustic music settings as an alternative to a full drum kit . When miked, the cajon along with some additional percussion can fit into almost any musical style.

The Shaw Percussion cajóns are crafted with the highest quality, Baltic-birch plywood and trimmed with an oak, walnut or mahogany laminate playing surface . They utilize our new three-way adjustable snare system which provides on/off, attack angle and tension adjustments. In addition, the raised open corners (or “slaps”) on the playing surface produce a solid snare-like sound. It is virtually a “drum kit in a box”. To learn more, watch this short video demonstrating the features of the Shaw Percussion Pro Cajón.

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2 comments on “Shaw Percussion Cajon
  1. Mark Lynn says:

    Love the sound of your cajon! I was wondering about dimensions? What’s the size of this cajon??

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