Shaw Percussion About Us Video

A short  video that explains what we are all about at Shaw Percussion and our passion to promote recreational drumming for Fun, Wellness and Community.

Thanks to Alan MacPherson from RSO Media for creating this video for us

One comment on “Shaw Percussion About Us Video
  1. Kevin Galley says:

    Hi guys, just wanted to say Thanks for the visit. Not to mention the awesome drum that I purchased. I was very impressed that I felt at home the moment I entered the showroom, and was never rushed or pursuaded to purchase any product. I was treated like a friend coming over for a visit. I quickly found a beautiful 16″ bodhran drum that I was given a free lesson on, and took home. I only wish I had more time during my visit (I was in a rush). I’m alreading saving for a 14″ professional bodhran from Shaw Percussion to accompany my 16″ (its lonely). The hide on these works of art are like buttery suade and the base tones are unmatched, not to mention the overall amazing “feeling” of the drum in your hand and the tribal resonnance through your body. Great product. Great visit. Cheers.

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