Phil Shaw

Phil Shaw: The Founder of Shaw Percussion

A Passion for Artisan Woodworking and Drumming

You know, it’s pretty great when you love your job. For Phil Shaw the two best moments as a professional drum builder are:

  • Completing an instrument and hearing it played for the first time.
  • Watching other people play the drums that he has made.

Phil in the WorkshopIt’s a success that sounds sweet and Phil has enjoyed 
making beautiful drums for over 15 years. His activities 
at Shaw Percussion range from design and construction to sales
and teaching, and his mission is to get drums into as many 
hands and homes as possible.

Whether it’s a hand-crafted bodhran, ashiko, djembe or
snare drum, his hand drums and percussion
instruments are renowned for their sound and their beauty.
You can see our wide selection of percussion instruments 
here. He is a respected name in Ontario and beyond for
his skills at crafting and servicing percussion instruments
and he loves bringing drums back to life so that their sound
can once again enrich the life of their owner.

He encourages everyone thinking about picking up a drum for the first time that “it’s never too late!” and with his skillful instruction and motivating leadership he helps hundreds of people experience recreational drumming every year.

Drumming for Fun, Wellness and Community

Phil has been a kit drummer for 40 years but it wasn’t until 20 years ago that he discovered hand drumming. It became part of his recovery from illness and it explains why he is so passionate about music therapy and his vision of getting a drum into every hand. He has experienced how healing drumming can be and how good it is for the soul. He sees his drumming as a way to help people live healthier lives while staying healthy himself.

Phil Shaw Playing BodhranThis is one of the advantages of drum circles, Phil 
explains, it allows people to experience the healing 
benefits of drumming in a fun and encouraging 
environment. It also gives people a safe place to
experiment with a new instrument. Hand drums are perfect 
for new musicians because anyone can play basic rhythms
and be a part of the music within minutes of picking up a 

Phil started the Georgina Community Drum Circle in 2003, the same
year he founded Shaw Percussion. The Circle drums at
events all over York Region as well as at regular GDC
gatherings. You can find out more about the Georgina Drum Circle by contacting us.

Phil is fortunate to have a supportive and musical family. His wife, Wendy, and their two sons Graham and Alex are skilled musicians and have helped run Shaw Percussion since it was founded.

If you’re looking to have your current drum refurbished or repaired, you should contact us today. Phil specializes in bringing vintage drums back to life and he’ll help you get your drum sounding its best.