How to Tune Your Djembe

How to Tune your Djembe

African Djembe Shipment

Shaw Percussion has learned a lot about tuning djembes after over 17 years of building and repairing drums. The picture here is just part of one shipment from Africa and yes all of these drums needed tuning. In this short  6:46 minute video Phil Shaw demonstrates  the difference between an out of tune drum and an in tune drum. Then Phil shows how to tune a rope tuned drum using the locked method of tying the Mali weave. Watch this quick start djembe tuning video for a cool tip on quickly popping your drum back into tune and more simple tuning techniques.


Here are two more in depth videos that show the unlocked method and goes into more detail on the parts of a djembe drum, starting the second row and more tuning techniques and tips.

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