Graham Shaw

 Recording the Sound of Shaw Percussion

Graham believes that “music isn’t just for musicians, it’s for everybody to participate in and enjoy” and so it makes sense that one of his favourite jobs at Shaw Percussion is getting non-musicians to play their first hand drum. His other tasks range from repairs and kit drum maintenance to promotions and sales. He is also a talented session drummer.

His passion, though, is his recording studio, Nik Nak Studios, where he works with amateur and professional musicians to create music that lasts. If you are looking for a Studio with a gifted recording engineer, we think you need to talk to Graham about how Nik Nak can help you turn your musical dreams into reality.

A kit drum specialist, Graham helps schools and other organizations keep their drums in tune and serviced.


A Lifetime of Drumming Expertise

Blessed with an ear for music, Graham started drumming
before he could walk and has played drums in earnest
since he was 4. In love with music, he played with every
band in high school, attended the Humber Jazz program,
and worked in the drum department of a music store
before joining us full-time here at Shaw Percussion.

He played with “What the Funk” in high school, a local
band that later changed its name to “Spies” and
successfully opened for Hedley and won several Battle
of the Band competitions. Graham still writes, plays, and
records with 3 of the 4 original members.


graham_bio_pic_01Graham brings all of that experience to your
studio and drumming projects. Whether you
need a new drum, a recording studio, drums
for your school or group, or a drum repair or
refurbishment, at Shaw Percussion we have
the expertise and passion to ensure that your
needs are met and expectations exceeded.

Contact us today to get playing.