Alex Shaw

Art & Design Combined with a Passion for Music

After studying sculpture and installation at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Alex has brought his finely trained eye back home to Shaw Percussion. Whether he is finishing one of our African djembes or creating paint designs for frame drums .

Alex loves music, hanging around with other musicians, and making fine musical instruments –three reasons that it’s a great fit for him at Shaw Percussion. When working with new customers to ensure they get the perfect drum for their needs, Alex encourages them to ask questions and take advice from people they trust.

alex_bio_pic_02Having been with Shaw Percussion since
its inception, Alex knows what it’s like to be
a trusted advisor as Shaw is a well-known
name throughout the southern and central
Ontario drum scene. Studying
drum-making alongside his father, Alex
has been apprenticed into this fine art for
over a decade. He feels that one of the
greatest benefits has been learning a
craftsman’s attention to detail and feels
the pride that comes with producing
playable works of art.


Shaw Percussion Drums Exceed Expectations

A talented singer, songwriter, and musician, Alex has been playing hand drums since he was 14, when he learned how to play alongside his father, Phil Shaw. He collaborates with his brother, Graham, and other friends in various bands and creative projects.


Alex brings his musical sense and creative
eye to each project he takes on for Shaw
Percussion. Whether you need a new custom
drum, one of our world percussion instruments,
or a drum repair or refurbishment, at Shaw
Percussion we have the expertise and passion
to ensure that your needs are met and
expectations exceeded.

Contact us today to get playing.